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Designer Highlight: LaRare: Elitist Shoes for Shoes Fetishist

November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

These insanely decadent heels are by Paris-based brand LaRare. If you are a high-heels lover and haven’t yet encountered this fetishistic shoe line, its safe to say you are missing out. Created by the very talented Nathalie Elharrar already had extensive body of work behind her including designs for Balmain, Thierry Mugler and Lagerfeld.

The designer said she was obsessed with creating the concept for the collection since working with the Mugler and the end result turned out to be sinfully sexy yet still remaining chic. The best way to describe it is to think excessive glamor with a touch of humor and artistic sadomasochism.

Inspiration for this season Nathalie Elharrar took from comic book icon Barbarella, 1930s Berlin burlesque shows and photographers such as Helmut Newton and Ellen von Unwerth. Luxurious, artsy and provocative, it’s an aspirational collection for the woman who dares to wear it.

Any creation by LaRare is easily recognized by trademark hardware attached at various points (most commonly the outsole arch or back of the heel) of the right shoe. You can interpret it however you want but its very reminiscent of the symbolic Story of ‘O’ finger rings seen in certain quarters of the fetish community.